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Lisa's New Outdoor Play Space

​​Lisa has created this amazing sand pit area under a tree in her outdoor area.

She has used plants, baskets, cane shelving, herbs and wine barrels to enhance the area and make it appealing for all children.

Playing in a sandpit is a wonderful experience for children. It assists them with their physical, cognitive and social development.

Children are encouraged and supported to:

• enjoy different textures

• use a variety of materials such as pipes, saucepans and sand toys for a purpose

• learn ideas such as empty/full, heavy/light, wet/dry

• strengthen muscles

• coordinate their whole body

• develop attention and concentration

• practice their fine motor skills (by lining up all the leaves they have collected in

the outdoor play space. Placing them gently on the sand to create patterns)

• develop their imagination (building roads, doing pretend cooking)

• learn how to play with other children in meaningful ways developing their social skills

• observe other children playing and learning to communicate or cooperate

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