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It's Not Magic, it's the Power of the Imagination" "Mix it Up"

During a home visit to Kay's this week, Kay introduced me to two books called "Press Here" and "Mix it Up", written by Herve Tullet

We chose to read "Mix it up" WOW! I think this book has now become one of my new favourites.I would highly recommend it for any child care service.

This cheerful interactive book teaches it's readers about colour in a clever, interactive and magical way.

The book begins with a invitation to tap on a single gray spot,you turn the page to see what happens. The gray spot is then joined by a bunch of other spots of col

ours. Each pag

e after, instructs the reader to shake, rub, tilt and slam shut the book to create different paint effects. Along the way there are lessons on blending colours, light and dark and how paint reacts to vigorous stimulation. The illustrations throughout the book are great. Real painting effects with finger print smuggles on the corner of the page adds to the great appeal to children and the reader.

This delightful book is a great way to encourage children to explore colour through painting, and colour mixing.

These are the children's art work completed at kay's after reading the story.

"It's not magic, it's the power of the imagination." Make sure you have your follow up painting activity ready as the children will be inspired to explore and experiment with colour.

These books are a wonderful langugae experience which leads to a great way to celebrate the beautiful of art.

Below is a video review of the book "Press here". From the children's faces you can see the value of these great books.

Love Love Love Love these books I really hope you do too.


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