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Aquatic Snails at Lesa.

Lesa has a couple of small tanks set up in her FDC environment where she breeds aquatic snails.

Lesa has created a wonderful environment for these interesting creatures to grow, so much so that she is able to keep a great supply going to the local aquarium store.

The children are always eager to show me the snails and let me know what has been happening ??

The pictures below were taken after some of the snails had laid their eggs which they do at the top of the tank, out of the water. After a couple of weeks they break out of these “cacoons” and tiny little snails float down to the bottom of the tank.

Lesa records the details with the children of when the eggs are laid and when they begin to hatch.

The children like to feed the snails their special algae pellets that you can see in one of the photos.

Having your loved animals as part of your FDC is such a rewarding & valuable experience for the children. They learn lifelong lessons of respect and care. They learn about the life cycle of animals and the important part that each creature plays in our world.

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