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In the Garden at Keryn's

Keryn has a beautiful outdoor area that is beautiful, inviting and a space that children can’t help but explore.

The children love to feed the fish in the pond. Keryn gives them each a handful of fish food, encouraging them to cup their hand, then throw the food to the fish.

The children love the outdoor kitchen, cooking a delicious array of ingredients, including water, mud and flowers. The beautiful metal utensils and buckets are perfect for making music also.

Keryn has potted a variety of vegetables in pots that the children love to water and check that the produce is growing.

The children love the access to water, where they can fertilise, scoop, cook, grow, splash, measure, stir and fill ‘til their hearts are content.

Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives

- Thomas Berry

Learning Outcomes

Outcome 2: children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children become socially responsible and show respect for the environment

  • explore, infer, predict and hypothesise in order to develop an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animals

  • show growing appreciation and care for natural and constructed environments

  • explore relationships with other living and non-living things and observe, notice and respond to change

Outcome 4: children are confident and involved learners

Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity

  • express wonder and interest in their environments

  • are curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning

  • use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas

  • follow and extend their own interests with enthusiasm, energy and concentration

  • initiate and contribute to play experiences emerging from their own ideas

  • participate in a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry-based experiences

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