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ANDREW'S FDC Restoring a Boat

We first started by asking the local community on Facebook if anyone had an old boat they don't want or wanted to sell really cheap. A member of the community got in contact with us to donate the boat but informed us it wasn't in great condition. We picked up the boat that afternoon and got to work on it. Work was mostly carried out on the weekend, but during the week the children were involved in helping knocking a few nails in. They also helped in the painting of the boat. The restoration took about two weeks.

The boat consists of a hand throttle, an anchor, 2 steering wheels (one was not enough) and fishing rods with holders.

The children love the boat and often play on it, they go fishing, trolling along the river and enjoy throwing the anchor out. The best games they play are the pirate ones, arrrh me hearties.

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