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Walk to the Local Butcher Shop with Tracey's FDC

Part of the daily routine at Tracey’s is the walk to the local Butcher Shop to visit ‘”Mr Smith” the friendly butcher.

The children know there are safety rules that must be followed each time they visit. Each visit, Tracey discusses the importance of stopping at each driveway to look for cars. Tracey discusses with the children how to look left, right and left again before proceeding. The children hold hands, always walk and look for interesting things on the way, like big trucks, animals and friendly neighbours to give a wave.

On arrival at Mr Smith’s the children are given a frankfurt, and all say hello to Mr Smith and his friendly staff. A couple of new faces to Tracey’s care were introduced to all the staff.

The children were interested in all the different things in the shops, including the sausages, steak, eggs, sauces and bread.

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