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Valentine's Day Science at Anne's

Valentine’s Day is a special day to tell our loved ones how much we love them. The children at Anne’s had made some beautiful sparkly cards for their families and played with vibrant pink play-dough.

Anne had some pink heart cutters and the children chose which one of them. Their challenge was to make all the ‘concentric’ hearts fit back together again. After taking turns and some discussion, the children were able to achieve this.

Next, Anne put a bowl in the middle of the table. Then she showed the children some small beautiful heart shapes that looked like paper. The children were encouraged to smell them….and they smelt like roses!

Each of the children was given a few of the hearts, which they sprinkled onto the water. The children watched, fascinated as to what was going to happen.

The hearts began to dissolve and the colour dispersed around them before sinking. These beautiful hearts were called soap confetti!

To help dissolve them, the children stirred the water and Anne showed the children how this pink water could make bubbles too.

This wonderful maths and science experience stimulated the children’s sense of touch, smell and sight, while encouraging new words like concentric and dissolve.

“What we learn becomes part of who we are.”

-Kathy Jeffords

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