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Colour Mixing at Lynda's

Colour mixing is a wonderful science experience for children. It allows them to observe, hypothesise and test ideas.

Lynda and her children created new colours by mixing different food colourings with shaving cream in a snap lock bag. The children were encouraged by Lynda to squirt the shaving cream into the bag, seal and mix.

The children mixed the shaving cream with the colouring, talked about what new colours they had created and how it felt. Nikson said “felt soft”.

Seth even managed to squeeze some of the shaving cream from the bag and he could smell it on his hands. The other children smelt their fingers too, and they said the cream “smelled like Lynda!” Lynda suggested it smelt like their daddies.

Next week the children will be making colour clouds. The learning opportunities are endless.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

  • William Butler Yeats

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