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Five Star Inspirations presents "A Day at Noah's on the Beach" Early Childhood Event

On 2nd June 2018 Five Star Inspirations hosted “A day at Noah’s on the Beach” early childhood professional development day.

The event was held at Noah’s on the Beach in Newcastle and provide a spectacular backdrop for our event. Christopher Phoenix from Phoenix Support for Educators and Rebecca Thompson from Stone & Sprocket Professional Learning and Playgroups presented their keynote and workshops during the day.

Our day commenced with a welcome to country delivery by 6 year old Kailen Dixon.

Kailen Dixon

Christopher presented his LIFE NEEDS BALANCE IS THE NEW BLACK workshop and delivered a dynamic and very engaging presentation for the attendees. We discovered what our personal profiles look like and reflected and learnt how to recognise unhelpful thoughts and explored more helpful thinking styles to improve our wellbeing.

Christopher captured the audience through his various mind reading games, hypnosis demonstrations which provides everyone with the WOW moment in a fun and enlightening manner

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. How do you fill yours?”

Rebecca Thompson from Stone & Sprocket presented her “Loose Parts“ workshop after lunch. We learnt about the theory behind loose parts, how to keep them organised as well as engaging children in the play.

The attendee were given the opportunity to play with small and large loose parts, while discovering the many benefits of including loose parts play into your educational program.

Thank you to our stall holders, the staff at Noah’s, our guest speakers and highly motivated and passionate educators who attended our event.

Christoper Phoenix, Kim Rodwell, Julie Antidormi, Rebecca Thompson

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