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Let' Count

Recently our service was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to host the “Let’s count” Professional Development sessions offered by The Smith Family.

Let’s Count is an early mathematics program, designed by The Smith Family, to develop appropriate mathematics knowledge, skills and positive dispositions, as they prepare to start school.

The development of mathematical skills begins in infancy and is strengthened during early childhood through day-to-day activities, including play

“Families are children’s first and most influential teachers.”

The program assists educators in early childhood services to work in partnership with parents and other family members, to:

  • Promote positive mathematical experiences for young children aged three to five.

  • Fosters opportunities for children to engage with the mathematics they encounter as part of their everyday lives, and in turn, talk about it, document it, and explore it, in ways that are fun and relevant to them.

Fostering Maths

Over the course of the program our educators incorporated activities and experiences with a focus on Math's concepts within their Family Day Care settings.

Families had the opportunities to borrow some of the resources given by the Smith Family Let’s Count Program as well as other resources educators created or sourced to share in games and play at home with their family.

Below are some photos of the Let’s Count Program in action here at Five Star Family Day Care.

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