1. I understand that I am entering into an agreement with Maitland Family Day Care trading as Five Star Family Day Care as the service provider. I agree to abide by the fees, charges and conditions set down by my Educator. I am aware that Five Star Family Day Care operates under a deregulated system and that each Educator sets their fees in accordance with the Fees Management Policy.


2. I agree to pay the administration levy to Five Star Family Day Care. I understand that this payment is collected by my Child Care Educator on behalf of Five Star Family Day Care. I understand that my Educator may incur other charges/levies payable to Five Star Family Day Care. I agree to have these levies deducted from my CCS.


3. I understand that I must sign my child in and out of care at the actual time my child is delivered and collected from care.

4. I understand that I cannot transfer to another Educator in the scheme unless all fees are paid to my current Educator.


5. In the event that my child contracts an infectious disease, I shall not send him or her to care until the exclusion period recommend by the Health Department has expired. I understand that I am required to pay any fees due.


6. I agree to notify both the Scheme office and my Educator of any changes in prescribed medication and the health of my child that requires a specific health management plan (e.g. Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Diabetes and Intolerances etc.)


7. In the event of my Educator being unable to provide care, I will negotiate with the Educator or the Scheme office in an effort to reach a satisfactory solution e.g. relief care with another Educator.


98 I agree to supply a copy of the required immunisation documentation on registration as well as an updated copy each time my child receives an immunisation. I understand that I can obtain a copy of the immunisation history statement through the methods listed on the cover sheet.


9. I agree to provide the appropriate amount of money necessary for my child to attend playgroups and/or any special outings organised by Five Star Family Day Care and approved by me.


10. In case of accident or other emergency resulting in the need of immediate medical, dental or hospital treatment, I hereby give my permission for the Educator to arrange for my child to be seen by a doctor and/or dentist, treated at the nearest hospital, or transported by ambulance to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility. I agree to pay all costs incurred.


11. In the event that a Educator is unable to care for my child due to an emergency at the Family Day Care residence or other urgent circumstance, I authorise the Family Day Care staff to arrange suitable alternate care and if necessary, transfer my child to that care. This may include being cared for by a Family Day Care co-ordinator. I acknowledge that all reasonable attempts will be made to contact both myself and other authorised persons before my child is placed in alternate care. All attempts will be made to place the child with a familiar Educator/staff member.


12. I acknowledge that the Educator will take all reasonable and necessary steps to provide an adequate standard of care for my child. I also acknowledge that my child may experience accidental injury or illness whilst in care through no fault of the Educator, despite the efforts of the Educator.


13. I understand that Family Day Care placements operate according to the Dept. of Education ‘Priority of Access Guidelines’ and that I may be asked to vacate my position for someone of higher priority.


14. I understand that it is a Commonwealth Government requirement that each family wishing to claim CCS as a weekly fee reduction OR as a Tax Benefit is required to apply for Customer Reference Numbers and be assessed for CCS.


15. I understand that failure to be assessed for CCS will result in an ineligibility to claim CCS or any Tax Benefits.


16. I understand that I must indicate the number of children for whom I wish to claim CCS on my child’s record of care sheet. I understand that this includes children at other services. I understand that failure to indicate the correct number of children may result in an overpayment of CCS, which may be reclaimed at the end of the financial year when my income is reconciled with by CCS payments by the FAO.


17. I understand that I will receive information from the scheme including but not limited to quarterly usage statements, newsletters and scheme surveys as well as any information relating to regulatory or administration changes.