Five Star Family Day is a community based not-for-profit Family Day Care Service. We have been operating for over 30 years.

Five Star Family Day Care is committed to ensuring that your children receive the best possible care in a safe, nurturing environment. Our Five Star educators provide children with personalised education and care in safe, home environments - a positive alternative to the traditional centre-based care.


Give Your Child A Five Star Learning Advantage


Here at Five Star Family Day Care, we believe there are five core values at the heart of quality Family Day Care:


  • Nurturing home environment

  • Recognising the child as an individual

  • Enriched learning and education programs

  • Social interactions in a family group setting

  • Secure attachments with an educator of your choice


Our scheme is run by a management commitee formed by  parents, staff, educators and community members.


Five Star educators and families are linked through our co-ordination unit based in Metford. Our Coordination Unit consists of early childhood qualified staff.


Our Coordination Unit plays a pivotal role in managing and supporting Educators to provide their educational home based child care service. We provide resources and training, ensuring the services operate within legislated guidelines. 


Your children are given every opportunity to develop their personalities, social skills and value systems in a safe, family-oriented, educational and caring environment.


We recognise that each child has their own unique personality that requires individual attention and care. Based on small, safe home environments that encourage learning in a friendly, supportive culture, Five Star Family Day Care is committed to ensure that each and every child has an opportunity to shine!


We understand the educator’s role in helping your child to grow and learn. We facilitate individual learning experiences in play-based environments focusing on and extending children’s interests and development.

At Five Star Family Day Care, we value &