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Lynda's Visit to the Museum Leads to Space

Lynda and her children recently visited the Newcastle Regional Museum. The Museum has many hands on experiences for the children to engage with. Some of the experiences were;

* Testing reflex time by hitting a light up sequence.

* Tornado Generator – mass of warm air rises, air pressure drops, cool air moves towards low pressure and there you have a tornado, Trinity pressed a button to set it in motion.


​* Magnetic Field - plays around with strength of magnetism in relation to distance from magnet.

* Moving Touch Me If You Can – 2 parabolic mirrors and position in relation to focal points create an illusion. Nikson tried to pick the toy car up but there was nothing there, he looked at me then tried again “Oh where is the car going” he said.

The children showed a keen interest in the solor systems during the experience and Lynda has extended the children’s interest on this topic, by displaying posters depicting the planets, in her FDC Service. The children then recreated the planets using balloons, balls, papier mache and craft materials. They carefully studied the colours of the planets on the poster to create their own universe. This interest has expanded into maps and posters of the world. These clever children can now find Australia on the map!

In the coming weeks, the children will be looking at flags and costumes of different countries.

This is the result of the wonderful visit to the Musuem.

.....................outdoor play "SPACE".............................

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