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Building with Foam Blocks @ Gail's FDC

Using blocks of any shape, size and texture is a wonderful way for children to develop lots of different skills.

Georgia and Nixon discovered how much fun foam off cuts can be, as they stacked them higher and higher. They laughed as they built their towers, making them higher and higher, before knocking them down and falling on them.

Georgia would count her blocks as she built, where Nixon was solving the dilemma of how to make them balance, when he had turned the blocks on their side.

Each of them would move as fast as they could to gather the last block, then concentrate as they tried not to make the others fall.

Children learn so much from blocks.

  • They learn spatial concepts….”Will this fall down?” “How does this fit?”

  • They learn maths concepts, like counting, comparison, shapes, length, width and sequence.

  • They learn language skills as they discuss what they are building.

  • They learn responsibility and co-operation as they work together, share and negotiate.

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