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Jack's FDC Sign - Feel Good Friday Story

Jack and his favourite possessions

Jack attends Family Day Care at Jo's, as soon as Jack arrives he would go straight to Jo's new metal house sign, which advertises her service. Jack loved the sign immediately. The only concern was that the sign was made of metal and too heavy for Jack to carry around safely. Jo spoke with one of our staff members about the attachment that Jack had formed with the sign. Tracey along with Sarah from our coordination unit produced something special in which Jack treasures deeply.


Jack was absolutely delighted to have his own sign and six months on, this sign is still one of his prized possessions along with his beloved green frog. These two beloved items go with jack everywhere.

Jack's Mum Lisa has kindly shared these photos with us of Jack and his favourite frog and sign.

What a great family, educator and scheme partnership to meet the needs of Jack and giving him a sense of belonging and security in his care environment.

We have just delivered Jack some more signs this week.

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