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Outdoor Play @ Charmain's

After a very hot summer, It was so lovely to spend time outdoors enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Bharat and Levi had a great time with the water wall made by Charmain. They even used their problem solving skills on how to reach the top, because it was very high! The children even solved the problem of escaping water by putting containers under the tubing.

Bharat then decided that sand and water are perfect together.

He started transporting the water to the sand to make delicious ‘mud pies.’ After mixing the two, he started smoothing the mixture onto the tree using his hands. There was a special spot up higher that needed attending to, and he

attempted to climb the rope ladder to reach it. That was very tricky, so Charmain helped out by moving one of the logs so he could reach.

Beautiful outdoor environments offer opportunities for open-ended imaginative play and a variety of sensory experiences. They invite children to collect, build, imagine, construct, create, measure, investigate, wonder, collaborate and problem solve.

“It is fresh air and open space.

It is a classroom without a roof.”

- Louis Amodio

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